Veterans for Brauchler

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A non-partisan coalition formed by veterans to support George Brauchler in his campaign for governor of Colorado 2018. 

Help veterans of Colorado place an advocate for veterans in the Governor's Office. Join us as a volunteer and sign up today!

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About Veterans for Brauchler

Veterans for George Brauchler is a non-partisan coalition formed by veterans seeking to elect a veterans' advocate to governor. 

Candidate for Colorado governor, George Brauchler, in addition to being the district attorney for the 18th Judicial District, is a colonel in the Colorado Army National Guard. He deployed to Iraq in 2011. 

As the only candidate for governor who has served in a combat zone, George understands the needs of veterans who leave their politics behind as they take their Oath to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Colorado veterans have not had an advocate in the Colorado Governor's Office for a long time. Although some veterans' issues have been addressed by the federal government, many issues are left unresolved. It is time we had a governor who addresses veterans' issues. 

These issues include:

  • Homelessness - In 2016, there were 39,000 veterans nationally & 1,181 Colorado veterans homeless. 
  • Mental Illness - PTSD is prominent in the veteran community. It can lead to drug abuse, suicide, unemployment, etc.
  • Suicides - 20 veterans a day die by suicide when there may be alternatives yet unexplored to support veterans in Colorado.
  • Crime - as governor, George could ensure that all Colorado judicial districts work with veterans' courts to provide resources and rehabilitation to veterans.
  • Unemployment - as governor, George could bring focus to hiring & training veterans.


By becoming a volunteer member of Veterans for Brauchler, you will be asked to discuss solutions to the problems above. Focus groups will be held to determine strong and viable ways that the State of Colorado, working with the Department of Defense, can benefit or resolve many of the issues and needs of veterans. 


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