Colorado Governor Hopeful Stops by Grand Junction

By: John Madden
Posted: Apr 07, 2017 10:11 PM


A Colorado District Attorney has announced his candidacy for Governor.  Republican George Brauchler currently serves as the DA for the 18th Judicial District. 

He arrived in Grand Junction today to attend this weekend's Club 20 meeting and is talking to locals about their concerns.

Due to being familiar with Colorado, Brauchler says the current Governor John Hickenlooper is lacking a key quality. 

“What I think the state has been missing for the last 6 plus years, is real leadership,” said Brauchler. 

So recently, Brauchler announced his bid for Colorado Governor in 2018.  “We need someone in there who is a proven leader, who can make the decisions that are hard but necessary for the state of Colorado,” said Brauchler. 

Brauchler said due to his background he is qualified to tackle tough issues throughout the state starting with getting money back into public education.  

“My kids are all in public education, I am not the rich candidate who can send them to private school, I am not the older candidate who has them all out of the house, I am a guy who lives breathes, public education, I need it to be awesome,” said Brauchler. 

Another top issue for Brauchler is transportation, as he wants to set a plan to fix roads without raising taxes.

“We’re being told by our state assembly there is nothing we can do except raise taxes by 21% on hard working Coloradians, I disagree,” said Brauchler. 

Brauchler is also a supporter of repealing and replacing Obamacare. One of his main goals however, is to bring attention to Western Colorado, a place he says is overshadowed. 

“I think the focus has to be on rural Colorado, I think one of the great problems with state government today is that it is dominated by Denver,” said Brauchler. 

If you want any more info on Brauchler, visit his website,

“I want you to think in terms of a Colorado that puts your interest ahead of Denver’s a Governor that focused on the entire state not just the metro area, and that’s me,” said Brauchler.