- Democracy & Elections

10 Killer Facts on Democracy and Elections that you need to know

Democracy is the choice of the country as they might select whether they want to have a democratic nation and with democracy, the elections are known to be the right steps that helps in choosing the politicians of the country. Hence as the citizen of the democratic nation, every individuals need to perform their duty for giving votes that will help in choosing the people who will be in power to rule the country. With democracy, the elections have gained universal acceptance as people use this form of choosing the people of the different political groups so that they will work for the development and betterment of the country.

10 Killer Facts on Democracy and Elections

1.Majority of the countries are known to be of formal democracies but there are some handful of the countries that are still autocracies and it is ruled by a king or the ruler rather than governed by a group or team of political leaders.

2.Ballots are known to the only option of voting for the politicians in the elections and it does not involves any violent means of ousting the parties as they are elected through a systematized means of electing the right candidate.



3.In a democratic nation, even women have equal rights to fight elections and they can also opt for right means for election campaigns where they can ask for vote on the basis of their skills and expertise for being in power. This has led to an increase in the number of women who are getting elected in the parliament as they fight to get equal rights just like men.

4.Some countries like India, is so large that it might takes week for the elections to get over and the results are also declared after a certain period of time because there are more than 800 million voters who cast their votes. Hence it is the reason why India is known as the largest democratic country and the election also spans for weeks and months.

5.Election expenses are borne by the government but the expenses incurred during election campaigns need to be paid by the politicians who are taking part in the election.


6.Some of the wealthiest countries of the world are completely democratic as they have a set amount of per capita income that does not fall under a certain amount of money.

7.In Australia, voting is mandatory for the eligible voters and not voting can lead to criminal charges against the individual as he will also have to pay a fine of a fixed amount of money as a penalty of not casting their vote.

8.There are instances when voting is not very peaceful as it can also lead to violence at the voting booth and it also leads to fight and disagreement between two political parties.

9.Elections are universal in countries that are democratic as it means the people of the country have the right of choosing their political leaders according to their choice.

10.The election process may vary from one country to another but the main objective still remains the same that is to look for capable leaders for the country.